Archive of 2001 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Nov 21 2001

Crazy driving

(a bit of nonsense from the grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man) He imagined how it would be. Calmly, and with no signs of emotion, save for the occasional sigh, she would proceed to undress, slowly and methodically, her every movement designed to tease and arouse desire, and when naked, she would be superb. Long black hair would […]


Oct 28 2001


(the story of grandfather clocks) When first she left, taking with her the fluctuating emotions of a lifetime, I thought that I would bear the scar forever. Often, when I pictured her face, pain was quick to greet me and grief was a willing bedfellow. Yet sometimes now when I think of her, the torment […]


Sep 14 2001


(I have no grandfather clocks left) Last night my mind was troubled and sleep escaped me, and as I lay in the quiet stillness, with only a heartbeat for company, I thought of you. My eyes moistened, but no longer from heartache, for time had mellowed my pain, but rather from final acceptance that the […]


Aug 17 2001


(all of my grandfather clocks) Today, I walked along the road I had often walked along with you and my world was sad. For my steps were weary and heavy now whereas once they had danced lightly on the joy and happiness you always gave me. My soul cried out in anguish as it sought […]


Jul 26 2001


(all about grandfather clocks) I knew her name and I knew her face for I had loved her many times. I had felt her warmth beneath me, beside me, above me and her breath and hair on my face and in my eyes as I softly whispered the things I thought she wanted to hear. […]


Jun 15 2001


(I still love my grandfather clocks) What did I achieve today? My body aches,I must be credited with something. Was I loved or was I loathed? Did I revive or ruin my reputation? My shoes smile at me from their resting place, they know the effort I made. My computer was my god,and my pen […]


May 24 2001

You and me

(and all the grandfather clocks) You, being you, being special you And me, being me, being just me. And you, being you, being nice you, And me, being me, being ordinary me. And you, being you, being specially nice To just ordinary me. All I can say, is thank you. Thank you, you. Love, Me.


Apr 28 2001

November hill

(a home for the grandfather clocks) The day we took our walk up November hill is the day I remember now. You asked me if I loved you, and I said I didn’t know, I wasn’t certain somehow. But oh how I wish I could fall onto the green fields of yesterday, and be there […]


Jan 12 2001

Clock poem

If I could take a word and hold it gently in my hand, and if I closed my eyes and felt its softness and warmth as I touched it, caressed it and kissed it with my lips, and if I shaped it, moulded it and smoothed it so that it became special and precious to […]