Archive of 2006 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Dec 04 2006

Gizzit Brothers

(Grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks for nowt!) Whilst I am on my Liverpool, soon to be Capital of Culture, theme, (see november) I thought that this woolyback Widnesian, would enlighten you about the famous antique dealing Gizzit Brothers, WORREL and DATS. They obtained these names because they go on the knocker trying to buy antiques.If someone answers the […]


Nov 29 2006

Swols and Nidjets

(Do not buy grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) You may have seen amongst my cartoons that I have someone working for me named Bloj The Swol. He is not the most handsome of chaps, but amazingly enough, he is quite popular with the young ladies and has his own Groupies who call themselves “Swollowers of the Swol”. The […]


Oct 29 2006

When I was eight

(I had never heard of grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) When I was eight,I was tossed out of bed, by my dear little mum,who smiled and said, “up and away it’s a lovely day, come on my lad, outside and play.” And though it would rain and hail and snow and the wind would blow so wild, all […]


Sep 23 2006

It’s your move,baby

(WANT A GRANDFATHER/longcase/tallcase CLOCK?) Finely shaped carvings on squares,black or white, Cut to design,a conventional design. Defensive warriors who also attack. The King is resting in his house while religion battles the Knights and the Queen protects her servants,flanked by the east and west wings. Straight the Rook flies,to storm the enemy lines,each advance carefully […]


Aug 19 2006

Writer’s crap

(Not like my grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) I’ve finally reached an age, when I’m finding it hard to write. My heart says I can still do it, but my brain puts up a fight. I’ve had lots of goes at rhyming, and a few attempts at blank verse, but I’m not getting any better, if owt I’m […]


Jul 18 2006

A tragic little tale

(Not about grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Once upon a time,a long while ago,back in the 19th.century,there lived seven brothers named White.Their first names were Ted,Albert,Joe, Walt,Martin,ZoopZoop and Richard. All of the brothers were expert mountain climbers and their sole ambition was to be the first seven brothers to climb Mount Everest at the same time,so one day,wagging […]


Jun 20 2006

Son of Crazy Driving

(Should have bought a grandfather/longcase/tallcase clock) He noticed the christmas cards hanging on the wall. They didn’t stand out like his black driving gloves on the mantelpiece. He was attracted by the tree and the pretty flickering lights. Should he touch them or attempt to light the immitation candle? The mutilated hands hung down like […]


May 12 2006

Grandfather clock cartoon

May 2006 – ‘Good Lord! A matching pair of Bristols!’


May 05 2006

At Times

(I wish I had more grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) I have seen the flecks of grey in your eyes and I know the secrets that they hide for they move slightly when you really smile and give me the briefest glimpse inside. At times,I grow cold with the fear of losing your love. Longcase Clocks Am I


Apr 15 2006

The bum kicker!

(should have had a grandfather/longcase/tallcase clock) Today is my first day, and thus today is only the beginning, yet today is the day they will all remember. The day on which they will look back and say “Today,the Wonder Kid commenced employment at Fair Days Work Ltd.” I am not a revolutionary,at least not a […]