Archive of 2007 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Dec 13 2007

Christmas memories

(of grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) I have been friends with three brothers since we were children.Just before christmas one year, when they were still very young,their father left home and christmas for them that year was abysmal. I was talking about this with the youngest brother a few weeks ago and he asked me to write a […]


Nov 08 2007

A son of the sea

(He loves grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) I wrote this little sea shanty for a friend of mine who was a former sailor. “One day when the cold north wind did blow, my dad said to me, son you know, it’s time for you to be what you will be. Now I don’t care just what you do, […]


Oct 19 2007

A reason for living

(besides selling grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Sleeping head, lying on soft pillow as daylight drowsily filters through net curtains and dances on the shaggy carpet. A slight movement of towsled hair, a flicker of heavy lids and I’m awake to turn and smile at the familiar face looking down at me. Arms unfurl and open, reaching out […]


Sep 28 2007

Ricardo mon brave

(at least he loves my grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Not a perfectionist, yet seeking perfection Rejecting all life, yet hurt by rejection Needing no one, yet craving affection Defying protection Heading somewhere Arriving nowhere Walking straight , yet a twisted way Wanting to speak, yet nothing to say Praying for night, yet longing for day Wasting away […]


Aug 03 2007

Hello me old China

(0riental magic from the grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man) Red is the colour of; Blood, post boxes, sunsets, traffic lights (stop) Little Riding Hood, buses, and all things bright and red. Green is the colour of; Grass, trees, leaves, meadows, traffic lights (go) Robin Hood, slime, football pitches, buses and all things bright and green. Blue is […]


Jul 19 2007

The other one

(another cracker from your grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man) You’re telling me that you don’t care, and no longer want to share your life with me. You thank me for the love we had, for the good times and the bad, but we’re not to be. Well, I’ve only one thing to say. You must be the […]


Jun 19 2007

Rugby from the wing

(your grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man as a rugby player) Rutted, gutted, cold and blustery, good. Maybe my goose pimples will fool the opposition into thinking that I’ve actually got muscles! There it goes, sailing high into the air. “One man call!” (in unison) “The fat one’s got it” “Get round him forwards, turn him ,turn him, […]


May 27 2007


(more from the grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man) Sometimes I think your love for me has gone, sometimes I think that you just play the game Sometimes I think that I should go and find somebody new, and you could find somebody just the same. But,you only have to look at me and smile, You only have […]


Mar 12 2007

Changing places

(but still keeping my grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) We stand together solid and strong and face in a certain direction.Suddenly an explosion occurs and we are blown apart from each other,but when the force subsides, we fall back to the same place. The only difference is, that time has evolved and now,you and me are not facing […]


Feb 19 2007

Best there is

(another gem from the Grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man) I have come here today to write one of the greatest poems ever created because after all, I am the best poet in the world. Well, certainly the best poet in the UK. Well, certainly the best poet in England. Well, certainly the best poet in Cheshire. Well, […]