Jun 19 2007

Rugby from the wing

(your grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man as a rugby player)

Rutted, gutted, cold and blustery, good.
Maybe my goose pimples will fool the opposition into thinking that I’ve actually got muscles!
There it goes, sailing high into the air.
“One man call!” (in unison)
“The fat one’s got it”
“Get round him forwards, turn him ,turn him, good good, it’s coming now the slip, Ball gone!!”
Shit, it’s come out their side.
Scrum half’s got it, out to fly half, now the centre (get him Ted, get him)
Move up, don’t commit yourself, pray he doesn’t pass it.
The bastard!!
Blow wind blow, I’m big, I’m hard, I’m tough
but I’m not as fast as that!!

Grandfather clocks am I


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