Aug 03 2007

Hello me old China

(0riental magic from the grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks man)

Red is the colour of;
Blood, post boxes, sunsets, traffic lights (stop)
Little Riding Hood, buses, and all things bright and red.
Green is the colour of;
Grass, trees, leaves, meadows, traffic lights (go)
Robin Hood, slime, football pitches, buses and all things bright and green.
Blue is the colour of;
The sea, sky, bluebells, airforce uniforms, a broken heart, flashing lights on police cars,
dirty jokes, buses, and all things bright and blue.
Black is the colour of;
Night, coal, the ace of spades, Batman, sexy nickers, and all things dark and black.
Yellow is the colour of;

Grandfather clocks am I


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