Archive of 2008 - Antique Grandfather Clocks

Dec 15 2008

Eyes of baby blue

(looking at grandfather clocks) Another song. Eyes of Baby Blue —————- First Verse ————— I get that same old yearning every time she passes by, my heart sets on fire and the stars light up the sky. I never thought I’d feel this way,but now I know it’s true, just what she can do with […]

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Nov 04 2008

Dream awhile

(of grandfather clocks) As I am still into my song writing phase, here are the words and chorus of another one of my songs. DREAM AWHILE ————- 1st verse ———– Dream awhile of distant lands, of gentle seas and shifting sands, dream awhile of your precious one dream awhile,dream awhile, for she’ll soon enough be […]


Oct 29 2008

The only thing different

(a new grandfather clock) These are the words to another one of my songs. “The great orb of life still shines in the sky, and the birds still sing songs as they go winging by. The grass is still green and the sea is still blue, the only thing different is you. Yes, the only […]


Sep 02 2008

Stuck in this heartbreak

(no grandfather clocks left) In addition to poems, I also write songs and these are the words to one of my songs. “My woman has gone, she’s out of my life, she cut through my heart, just like a knife. now I’m on my own, lost and alone, all by myself, my woman has flown. […]


Aug 19 2008

Muck and Bullets

(no grandfather clocks) When I was younger, I enjoyed two favourite past times, reading and fishing. I spent many happy hours with my line in the water and reading the contents of a good book at the same time. One day while I was idling away at the seaside, an elderly gentleman approached me and […]


Jul 14 2008

Don’t put your paper down the toilet Mrs. Tomlinson

Don’t put your paper down the toilet Mrs.Tomlinson, the neighbours will have a fit. Sanitation’s not too good in the north, Mrs.Tomlinson, we only have a large cesspit. Don’t put your paper down the toilet Mrs.Tomlinson, not even one little bit. In fact,we would deem it a great favour Mrs.Tomlinson, If you don’t even have […]


Jun 08 2008


(with my grandfather clocks) I am alone and think I am going to die soon. Maybe it’s a good thing. Somebody once told me that I would die a lonely old man. Maybe it’s a good thing. Alone,on my own, I sit and think of how things could have been. What for? Dreams are all […]


May 23 2008

The Typewriter

(A grandfather clock’s best friend) Trouble is i don’t know what to do what to do i know you do you? say if you do you will not help me you will laugh leave me be leave me sort myself out it is only me that is confusing things Grandfather clocks Am I


Apr 19 2008

Potobello Road

(Home of Grandfather Clocks) We were tired of country nights, so we sought the city lights, and drifted away to London town. Just to help ourselves along, wrote a bagful of songs, thought that we’d bring all the houses down. It was such a lovely plan, ’til we saw the music man, and then to […]


Mar 21 2008

A first time for everything

(even grandfather clocks) Has no one ever told you how lovely you are and your bright eyes how they sparkle so? Has no one ever told you that when you smile, you set the whole world aglow? Has no one ever told you that life without you, just doesn’t exist anyhow? Well there must be […]