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Dec 21 2009

Ta-ra Joey Smith

(left his grandfather clocks behind) There was a lovely budgie, we all called him Joey, One day in the middle of winter, he went out in the snowey. He only travelled 50 yards then fell down frozen stiff, and thank goodness,for this poem, his name was Joey Smith. People came from miles around for they […]

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Nov 11 2009

The need to know

(everything about grandfather clocks) I’ve only just begun, you see and I need to know everything. I have to keep moving, I do not want to step out of the shadows and find that the world has left me behind.I want to be useful, I want the shadows to step out of me,I want people […]

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Oct 21 2009

The Anglo American bridge

(she loved grandfather clocks) How many days did the waters of the Thames flow under London Bridge? How many times did they bid each other good morning and smile together in the evenings as they watched lovers stroll slowly by? London Bridge, held in awe, yet loved by us all as children. Was she not […]

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Sep 29 2009

A chemical kid

(I love my grandfather clocks) WIDNES, the town in which I was born and where I have spent most of my life, is a town known for its chemical industries. What follows are my childhood recollections of growing up in it. “Knocking at doors and running away Scrumping for apples by night and by day […]

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Aug 14 2009

Dead on arrival

(Did he take his grandfather clocks with him?) Turn around little man you can’t come in here with your arrogant superior ways. Turn around little man,you can’t come in here with talk of fast cars and loose women. turn around little man, you can’t come in here, with your heart filled with anger and abuse […]

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Jul 09 2009

Listen to Mrs. Briggs

(A grandfather clocks lover) It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Can the same also be said of sorrow? If we cannot realise the depth of beauty that may be hidden in others, can we recognise the sadness that also may be within? What are we about? We cannot bear […]

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Jun 23 2009

Dan the pig

(A great lover of grandfather clocks) This is the tale of a pig named Dan, who drives around in a little white van. Now and then,he has dinner with his gran and the love of his life is a multi talented and hauntingly beautiful one legged chicken named Annabelle. One day Dan and Annabelle decided […]

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May 19 2009

Dumb Bums

(Do not like my grandfather clocks) Dumb bums are flying all around me, up here in my balloon. Dumb bums are trying hard to ground me, I’ll be above them soon. There’s white ones,yellow ones and black ones, all singing a different tune, but I know this, they’ll not get their wish, for the Lord […]

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Apr 01 2009

You’ll never be a connoisswar

(about grandfather clocks) You’ll never be a connoisswar, not the connoisswar you think you are, when it comes down to the truth you know nothing. For if you were a connoisswer, half the connoisswer you thought you were, you wouldn’t go around all huffing and puffing. For connoissswars are very clever people, they don’t have […]

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Mar 08 2009

The way of the warrior

(a grandfather clocks lover) This is another of my songs and is a tribute to my old karate teacher. 1st verse. ———— He’s a gentle man,who works all day, just to earn his pay, but when the day is over and the night time comes, that’s when he can change. to the way of the […]

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