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Oct 17 2011

You and Me

You,being you,being special you and me ,being me, being just me and you,being you,being nice you and me,being me,being ordinary me and you,being you,being specislly nice to just ordinary me. Well all I can say is thank you, thank you, you, love ,me  


Sep 11 2011

Isn’t it a wonderful world

Today it is not raining


Mar 31 2011

The Meaning of Romance

Frst Verse ———— Well,I don’t understand the meaning of romance She wraps herself all over me, whenever we’re having a dance, but when I get her in the back of my car and say “I love you Pam” She always says “Hey!what kind of girl do you think I am” Second Verse ————– When going […]


Feb 02 2011

If I once had you girl

The words and music to this song were written by my friend Dave Edwards in 1963 Verse ——- If I once had you girl I would then be true girl and then I’d know my life held more than just a counting up the score with other girls I thought were fine along the line […]


Jan 12 2011

Don’t ask me to remember

The Words and music to this song were writen by my friend Vicky Lee in 1968. Verse —– Don’t ask me to remember all the things I can’t forget. The stars that shone so brightly on the night that we first met It hurts me to recall the day, you said that we were through […]

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