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Oct 19 2012


The four baddies, Sam,Bob,Tom and their fearless leader Bad Mike (so called because his name was Mike and everyone thought he was bad), sat around the table planning their next bank job. Bad Mike laid out the plans ” Sam and Bob will go in the back and me and Tom will go in the […]


Sep 20 2012

Current Grandfather Clock Prices

                                 Current Grandfather Clock Prices ———————————————————— In the current world economic crises, the price of all antiques, including antique grandfather clocks, is very volatile. This is a something which is not new to me as I have experienced similar situations […]


Sep 08 2012


>>> ‘Twas perhaps overwork,too much stress,too much strain, >>> that made my head pulsate with pain. >>> I went to the doctor who, did not insist, >>> but advised me to see a Psychiatrist. >>> ” You can pick one yourself, there’s no rush whom to choose “. >>> So I thought, what the hell,I’ve […]

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Jul 24 2012


In 1768, John Wyke, moving into middle age, married Jane Romily and settled down in his new buildings in Wyke’s Court, LIVERPOOL. From 1774 to 1782, he was in business with Thomas Green and together they sold high quality clocks, watches and tools, displaying expert craftsmanship and artistry. John Wyke  retired from public life in […]


Jul 12 2012

Marquetry And Lacquered Grandfather Clock Cases

Marquetry and lacquered grandfather clock cases Both used to house top quality works. Made from the mid to late seventeeth century to the early to mid eighteenth century. I do not think that many, if any, Cheshire clockmakers would have housed their works in such cases. A marquetry case, housing a works by Thomas Talbot […]

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Jul 10 2012

John Wyke 1754-1768 Business Prospers.

In 1754  John Wykes wife Ellen, died. He married a second wife, Ann Holding in 1756. In 1758 he set up a business in Liverpool and the following year, sold his premises in Prescot, described in an advert as ” A very Commodius, pleasant and well situated dwelling  house and shop. ”  John now concentrated […]


Jul 02 2012

John Wyke of Prescot and Liverpool,the early years

I have been asked several times recently if I have any in depth information regarding the carer of John Wyke, Antique Grandfather Clocks,Watches and Tools maker of  Prescot and liverpool. I am most grateful to the staff of the  Pescot Clocks and Watches museum for the help they gave me in my research.I am listing […]


Jun 26 2012

My grandfather’s clock – the movie

Well, not quite the movie, more the musical. While browsing recently on Youtube I noticed that there are several versions available there of the classic song My Grandfather’s Clock. Pay a visit to my Grandfather clock channel on Youtube where I’ve collected a few examples. For now you can listen to versions by Johnny Cash (of course), […]


Jun 05 2012


Where are the boys who are seen who are keen,does anybody know?  The boys with the brains switched onto the mains the boys with the go go go   antique grandfather clocks


Jun 05 2012


All at once I knew, in this wretched vacuum of your absence, that the passing of the years would not dim the sorrow of your leaving or the flame that would always burn within. Antique grandfather clocks clock antique