Apr 17 2012

The Enormous Gigantic

The town was all quiet, so still and serene

’til the  ENORMOUS GIGANTIC appeared on the scene.

Now all of the people are running round frantic,

in their bid to escape the ENORMOUS GIGANTIC.

A one legged chicken and young pig named Spud

could not run away and were ate where they stood

and Refuse collectors jumped in the Atlantic

in their bid to escape the ENORMOUS GIGANTC.

With a leer on his face and Spud still in his mouth,

the ENORMOUS GIGANTIC  headed down south

” I’ll ravish the women for I’m not romantic ”

that was the next antic for THE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC.

So stay in your home and bolt the front door,

and if you’ve got a chicken,screw it down to the floor

Be wise and be wary you most be pedantic

for somewhere out there is the ENORMOUS GIGANTIC




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