Jan 03 2015

Eight Day and 30 hour grandfather clocks

                                                Eight Day and 30 Hour Grandfather Clocks  
Have you ever wondered  why the majority of grandfather clocks were made to run for eight days and 30 hours rather than one week  and one day ?.Seems to be an unusual number in both cases. I have never actually read this anywhere but it is my firm belief that they were made to those times for  a good reason. Let’s say for example that you decided to wind your grandfather clock at  2pm. every saturday afternoon and that for some reason you were not available at your home at that pre ordained  time and were away until say 9pm.or even the next day.You are granted that extra time to wind your clock before it runs out. I(It is perfectly OK to wind the clock while it is still going.) The same principle applies to a thirty hour clock in which case you have an extra 6 hours. If anyone has any other ideas about this, I would be glad to hear them .
Another piece of information that may be helpful is that when you wind an eight day grandfather clock always leave the weight on the right hand side (the going side) about  one inch (2.5 cms.) lower than the weight on the left hand side (the striking side) . In this way, because the weights descend at the same speed, the going side will always run out first and when that stops, the clock can no longer strike as the weight on this side will also not be moving. if you stick to this principle. the strike should never go out of sequence. In addition.when you go on holiday just stop the pendulum from swinging. Let’s say for instance it is 1 pm. When you return, just wait until it is literally 1.pm  and then restart the pendulum. You are then back in business. In cases where there is date hand, as long as it is not in the act of changing ,you should  manually be able move it to the correct date. If the hand is resistant and it is in the act of changing  just wait until it has finished and move it then.  
Finally. if you do own a 30 hour antique grandfather clock and are not that bothered about it striking, just secure a paper clip or something similar to the fly wheel( the one that whizzes around when the strike is going).  This will then stop the wheel from moving and the clock will run from 3 to 4 days.

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