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Jan 29 2017

The Cottage by John & Alec

it sounds strange, does it not, that a cottage could be lonely? harken, while i set the plot to this sad tale but true. the grip of winter, tight as death closed around its walls and froze them with its icy breath. a chilling tale, but true. its wooden ribs of sturdy oak stood well […]


Jan 13 2017

Frank Hope-Jones The Cheshire Man Who Gave Us The Pips (Part Three)

The business grew and moved again to 32-34 Clerkenwell Road which served the business until 1940. Mr.Boswell left the Syndicate in 1899 and in 1901 it went into voluntary liquidation. Frank Hope-Jones took over its assets and was determined to carry on alone. His first job when he found himself in sole control of the […]