Apr 26 2017

Lawrence Earnshaw an Extraordinary Cheshire Man(part four)

Earnshaw was acquainted with the celebrated Mr.Brindley, and while the latter was conducting the Duke of Bridgewater’s great canal works, near Manchester, they sometimes met and it is said that so engrossed were their minds with the various schemes that they had on hand that the two congenialĀ spirits did not soon separate

The countenance of Earnshaw was far from betokening quick parts at a first view, it rather conveyed an idea of stupidity but when he was animated by conversation, his features brightened upĀ and having a good flow of words, he could explain the subject he was speaking of in the provincial phraseology and dialect of his native place, so as to be clearly understood. One of his biographers says it was curious to observe ” What a brightening -what animation and fire-what difference of features appeared in him, when roused up by conversations on subjects connected with the bent of his great genious.” He had a taste for the fine arts,read and understood Uuclid, but above all, his forte lay in mechanics.


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