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Sep 30 2017

Vice Versa by Alec Trivas

    my vice isn’t nice but my versa’s worser. to be very concise i’m a devoted curser.     my words are bluer than all of yours were, sir. but words from the sewer would provoke the amercer     so i’ll simply say in words that are terser that i’ve never been gay […]


Sep 26 2017


city with two cathedrals a city with two football teams a city of opposites. a city of great beauty a city of once ugly streets a city of opposites a city of great freedoms a city built on slavery a city of opposites. a city of individuals a city of sectarianism a city of opposites. […]

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Sep 21 2017

Water Clock By Thomas Cromer, Chester

A water clock or clepsydra was one apparatus by means of which time was measured. This method was in force from a very remote early period and necessitated a perfectly uniform flow of water. An ornamental form of clock consisted of a base containing a cistern into which water flowed and surmounted by a column […]

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Sep 18 2017

Additional Fish by Alec Trivass

    a catalogue of ichthyes and many other creatures! can you categorize and itemize all of their features?   which of us would have known you knew so much of things piscean? as drawn on ancient pottery, both greek and mycenaean.     can you pigeonhole and classify, or register and scoop all the […]

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Sep 16 2017

T.M.Bennett Jnr. and P.Ellis Brass & Bell Foundry, Chester Including Clock Parts

Chester Courant 11th December 1792   Brass and Bell foundry, where they  manufacture  in a superior manner, all kinds of brass work for cotton machines of all description, complete suits  of clock-work approved brass movements, clock-bells cast from the best London patterns, steel pinions ,wrougt work and clock weights for eight day clocks and thirty […]


Sep 12 2017

Of John and Liverpool Docks

    the hulk of a crane the spider’s web tracery of girders against a pre-dawn sky. the swell of the waves their gentle lapping against the pier. the forlornness of a seagull’s cry. the mournful sounds of a ferryboat; the hooting of a tug, come floating- ghostlike-with the sea mist, which now is vanishing […]


Sep 08 2017


Chester Courant 11th October 1791. No.19, Near the Feathers Inn, Bridge Street, Bridge Street Row, CHESTER Watches, which are made under his own inspection, having from eighteen years study, made himself by working under some of the first masters in the kingdom, perfectly acquainted with the principles of repeating horizontal seconds and plain watches, which […]

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