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Sep 29 2018

My Grandfather clocks

My grandfather clock cartoons have won awards within the clock industry and have been displayed in one of the leading trade magazines, ‘Clocks’. My poems have been broadcast on national radio (link: tel 0151 424 9189


Sep 28 2018

Fair Lady (song)

What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? What has the robber done to you Fair Lady ? He took your whole world apart and walked away with your poor heart What has […]

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Sep 26 2018

They’re all the Same

He said he would love her forever, but left her before it began. Her heart is free maybe never, he stole it before he ran so now she sits here besides me and asks me for a plan I say ” If you’re looking for guidance you need a much wiser man “


Sep 25 2018

Wanted by Thomas Brown

Chester Courant — 20th January 1778 WANTED Six Journeyman CLOCK-MAKERS who will have constant employment and good wages, by applying to THOMASĀ  BROWN, watch and clockmaker in Chester. NB Sober and diligent men, will meet with encouragement

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Sep 24 2018

What are my Aspirations ?

What are my aspirations? I will endeavour each and every day to improve my business wherever and whenever I can and earn even further, the respect of my customers and my peers

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Sep 21 2018

Adjusting the Bell Hammer on a Grandfather Clock

Sometimes the bell hammer may need adjusting to make it sound harder or softer. This can be done by slightly bending the hammer rod. You may also place a plaster on the bell or hammer to soften the tone. If you do not wish the grandfather clock to strike at all, remove the strike weight […]

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Sep 21 2018

Condition of Grandfather Clocks

I am most discerning about which clocks I purchase, and am proud of the condition in which they are presented for sale. My case polisher is as good as they come and loves working with grandfather clocks. My workshop manager, who is in charge of movement restoration, has been with me for all thirty six […]

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Sep 20 2018

More Info on John

I have been selling antique grandfather clocks on a full time basis now for thirty Six years( I also sell a selection of fine quality Wall clocks, Mantel clocks and Barometers) and I have enjoyed and still enjoy every minute of it. I strive to offer my customers the very best of service and have […]


Sep 19 2018

Choosing Your Grandfather Clock

Choose your grandfather / longcase / tallcase clock in the same careful way you chose your partner for life. Choose the one you are most attracted to and the one which you would be happy to live with for the rest of your days

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Sep 18 2018

Come My Friend

Come my friend into the land of forgetfulness where we can wash away the hours of memories in the twilight river We can pluck purple roses from winter plains we can watch the sun rise every morning as we eat pickled liver

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