Oct 15 2018

Hanging the Pendlum on a Grandfather Clock

Most pendulums have a front and back. The flat, polished part of the pendulum bob, should be at the front. If you have had the pendulum sent to you fastened to a piece of wood, the feather or suspension spring, may need a turn to get it correctly positioned on the pendulum rod.

Feed the pendulum through the door in the clock trunk up through the hole in the back of the seatboard, threading the feather or suspension spring through the eye of the pendulum crutch and hanging it between the cheeks of the bar at the back of the clock works. The pendulum should be hanging free from the backboard of the clock case. If it is scratching against the back, the case may still be leaning backwards and a thicker piece of wood will have to be fastened to the back of the case. It may be possible to move the whole of the seatboard forward, but only if this allows the hood to fit on properly. If the case is leaning too far forward, the pendulum rod when set swinging will rub against the seatboard. The case must be positioned so that it is standing up straight.

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