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Nov 30 2018

Odd Set Upset (Part four)

If Saucer had loved Cup, then Cup would have loved Saucer but as it was, they hated each other. Cup could never fully understand why Pot and Saucer disliked him so much. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have a job ! Now it did not matter anymore, finally, his plans had been made. […]

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Nov 24 2018

Odd Set Upset( part three)

    Pot had a ready made ally in Saucer who loathed Cup with equal intensity. Saucer could remember the time when he had been concave, but all that had long since been altered by the arrival of cup. Cup was a pig. For the past five years that ugly, cracked, rotund little freak had […]

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Nov 22 2018

Odd Set Upset (part two)

Pot Called him an ignorant pig and vowed to wreak vengeance at every available opportunity. He had been as good as his word. the destruction of cup was almost complete. Cup prayed he knew the signs, he knew what was coming so he prayed. He had prayed every day for five years and his prayers […]

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Nov 19 2018

Odd Set Upset (part 1)

The sadistic mind of perverted Pot was ecstatic with joy, once more the time had come for the ritual torture of Cup. That ugly, cracked, rotund little freak of a Cup that he hated was to be burned and drowned and his perferated ear drum was to be twisted to hell. Unfortunatey, the first meeting […]

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Nov 17 2018

King of the Kids

The King of the Kids was calling from way across the docks He left one night in the pale moonlight For the land of the Grandfather Clocks


Nov 14 2018

A Scar On the Hand by Corin Trivass

“A scar on the hand is worth two on the face” said the man in the forest that day. He didn’t look young, but supple and strong as he strode from from behind a tree “That’s an oak he murmered ” pointing at a powerful, thrusting tree a tree that was real and had every […]

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Nov 06 2018

On Entering a Liverpool Cathedral

Circular, graceful, space filled with strange light Shiny, smooth and highly polished the curvred wooden benches, reflected rainbows from all around Echoing, shuffling muffled silence, mingled essence of man and stony structures majestic recesses filled with beautiful, humbling light a mixture of primitive and ultra modern whilst walking a continual bathing in splendid velvet colour, […]

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Nov 05 2018

Premature Retirement by Corin Trivass

I’m glad I’m out of it ! Look at them, unified,regimented, like rows of cigarettes, marching down cancer riddled corridors. Corridors of power ? Hah! Marching to anhialation discarded or swallowed by the machine and the machine keeps on turning It doesn’t feel. it doesn’t care I’m glad I’m out of it, that seething cesspit […]

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Nov 02 2018

Grandfather Clock Saying

Lo I stand, All in thy sight to tell the hours of Day and night Do thou a warning take from me And serve thy God as I serve thee ” (link: tel 0151 424 9189

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Nov 01 2018

Come And Join us by Corin Trivass

Listen friends, You might as well be dead. What a wonderful escape death must be,. an escape from your futile, infantile, sterile world Wake up you people before it’s too late don’t let democratic slime cloud your minds. Match-stick men leave your boxes, you won’t be burned, can you remember the last time you were […]

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