Jan 07 2019

Me, Cricket amd Sconny Purcell (Part Seven)

Wickets fell,but runs still trickled along,it was going to be very,very close.
Then it came to the final crunch. The last pair were at the wicket and there
was a crowd of people, mums,dads.teachers etc. surrounding the
scorers when the message eventually came through that the Paddys were
44 for nine. “Right Shone ” Sammy said, ” You can bowl the next over ”
I was scared stiff .I had always been supremely confident in my own ability, but
they only needed two runs to win and after the Bedes match, I wasn’t quite
so certain anymore. However, I was captain and still supposedly the, best bowler
so it all came down to me. At that precise moment I would have given anything
for Micko Mckenna to have been in my shoes
The first two balls.were even, they didn’t score and I didn’t take wicket. The third
ball I pitched a bit short and it hit the top of the bat and lobbed gently towards
the ground in front of the batsman. What happened then all seemed to be in slow
motion but I was priveliged to witness one of the greatest one handed diving
catches of all time. The ball was only a few inches from the floor when Woof
Bower whom I judged to be about four or five yards away launched himself
through the air,but he got his hand underneath it and it stuck.I remember screaming
out in delight and me and Woof hugged each other like long lost brothers. We had scraped
home by on run.
Later as we walked to the bus stop Sammy Butterworth came along
side of me an said ” Well Shone, do you have anything to say about that little Lot ”
” Yes sir ” I answered .” I’m glad Bower and McKenna play for us “

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