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Mar 26 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part Two)

I always feel quite bored ‘bout five in the afternoon ‘til laughter rings across the road that’s Terry with his wooden spoon Tells the girls I’m a loon I may be soon The tourists wander in and out wondering what to buy The Burnley lot, well they’ll have owt “Need something for our Vi” Makes […]

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Mar 23 2019

Our Website

Our website Visit our Antique Grandfather Clocks website for more information on the types of clock we sell, how we work and any special offers or new arrivals!


Mar 22 2019

Cockles and Coffee (Part One)

The Pictures are always on the wall I wish I’d stayed in bed Ah , here comes George with his mating call “ Commo, esta usted “ ? He’s just been fed,eats loads of bread The Roman Pots were late again “ Been up all night “ they said “ Had a date with Bill […]

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Mar 07 2019

Early 30 Hour Grandfather Clocks

. A 30 hour clock is not wound by a key, but rather by a rope or  a chain. It only has one weight and this weight is responsible not  only for the running of the clock, but also for making it strike. It is  once again my belief, that similar to the eight day […]