Jun 10 2019

Roundabout Part 3 by Corin Trivass

I treated myself to a new shirt too, from one of my many Christmas gifts
I had stockpiled over the years , simply because  I wanted to wear the life out
of the old ones and see disappointed faces when I condescended to accept
invitations for dinner and arrived looking like a hippie convention.
“ From uncle Herbie and Aunty Flo wishing you all the best for Christmas 1961 “
Suitably clad I sauntered downstairs  savouring  the smell of coffee and
toast I was about to make.  Breakfast was delicious and only once did I have
to stop myself from digging the knife viciously into the butter.
On the way out, I reached automatically for my brolly, but halted the action
telling myself firmly that it was a beautiful day and that
I  wouldn’t need it. The  rain had been falling at a steady pace
but, but as soon as I opened the door, it increased its force, every drop seemingly aimed at me

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