Jun 14 2019

Roundabout Part 5 by Corin Trivass

What was the matter with me ? Why should I feel so good?
From the large glass doors, through to   the elevators and eventually
my office, I didn’t pass one soul without a kind word. My secretary’s
nervous grin was greeted by a cheery “ How do you do “ and the look
of astonishment on her face , was a gem of disbelief  “ Coffee please Liz
and have one yourself “ She wandered off dazed and mumbling. I laughed
It was good to be alive.
For virtually the first time in my life I was courteous to all my customers
ant they were courteous in return. I had steak for lunch (a rare treat) and didn’t even bawl out Liz when she cam back ten minutes late from lunch, after all  a girl needs time to p0wder her nose

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