Jun 26 2019

On The Motorway part three by Corin Trivass

The evening twilight,turning darker  in shades(everything is shaded)
serves as a signal (what we need) for lights to pierce the blackness
showing the way (what we  need) for weary vehicle and man.
On into the night,off  white,amber,glaring,winking twinkling(faltering)
Suddenly a bright neon fill the  sky, a welcome break
On the limited horizon (of  rush), Pulling in weaving though
lines of parked cars searching for  a place to rest hot tyres
Inside, warm air  hangs heavily,  getting staler by the second.
Close nostrils and stand in  line. Shufling scaping feet inch forward
The atmosphere is choked with  people.Cup of coffee fluid
spills into saucer as elbows from  all angles interfere with passage


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