Jul 11 2019

The Agendas.Starring Harry Tweed and Hi Der Queenie

The Setting is Tweeds flat. He and Hi Der are sharing a glass of wine together ,when suddenly Four Masked  Gunmen burst in open Fire and then disappear
Rat aTat  a Tat  a Tat a Tatt Tat a  Tat a Tat Tat rat a Tat -Tat Tat Rat a Tat  Tat Tat  Tat RAT RAT RAT Rat a Tat  and many more
The room is  full of  smoke
The Smoke clears
No smoke
There is a slight pause and then a  voice is heard
“Yes Tweed “
“That was close “
” Well actually Tweed, they broke my  glass “


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