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Sep 12 2017

Of John and Liverpool Docks

    the hulk of a crane the spider’s web tracery of girders against a pre-dawn sky. the swell of the waves their gentle lapping against the pier. the forlornness of a seagull’s cry. the mournful sounds of a ferryboat; the hooting of a tug, come floating- ghostlike-with the sea mist, which now is vanishing […]


Aug 11 2017

A Night On The Briney by Alec Trivass

    the scene – lit up as lightning flashed, was terrible. loud thunder’s boom rolled out and crashed – as water lashed and smashed and dashed itself to spume, driven by wind; the breath of death in the gloom of doom.     the gale drove mountains of water, rank upon rank, across the […]

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Jul 03 2017

LABOUR NOT by Alec Trivass

you labour too long on things that used to be or on things that are. go with the flow of life like a raft on a river. go wherever it takes you. if something interests you, by all means paddle to the bank and rest a while. but there’s no resisting the flow. allow yourself […]

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Jul 02 2017

Words on Words by Alec Trivass

my eyes are aching and i’m so tired and yet i’m still trying to write poetry. trying,with a choice few words, to convey a whole world of meaning. not merely to turn an empty carton of chocolates…… into flowery nothing. does poetry arrive at my pen’s nib, spontaneously, or is it worked on, and thought out, in order […]

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Oct 19 2012


The four baddies, Sam,Bob,Tom and their fearless leader Bad Mike (so called because his name was Mike and everyone thought he was bad), sat around the table planning their next bank job. Bad Mike laid out the plans ” Sam and Bob will go in the back and me and Tom will go in the […]


May 30 2012

Growing up

I was 14 and you were 13 and we stood talking together outside the church. Suddenly,I was overcome by a feeling I had never felt before , so I laughed, stole your scarf and threw it over the church wall. I was 14 and you were 13 .How else could I show you I loved […]


May 26 2012

Princess In Waiting

Princess in Waiting by John Shoneon Friday, May 25, 2012 at 4:12pm · Public Friends (+) Only Me Custom Close Friends Widnes Area See all lists… Family Acquaintances Go Back PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsWidnes AreaSee all lists…FamilyAcquaintancesGo Back Some time ago in a faraway land (not long.long ago,within the last 30 years actually) there lived a […]


May 01 2012


When I was younger, I enjoyed two favourite past times, reading and fishing. I spent many happy hours with my line in the water and reading the contents of a good book at the same time. One day while I was idling away at the seaside, an elderly gentleman approached me and asked if I […]


Apr 19 2012

Where There’s Muck

1st verse ———– Where there’s muck there’s money, good grief golly gosh and oil is sweeter than honey good grief golly gosh but diggin’for coal ain’t funny good grief golly gosh you never see a topless bunny good grief, golly golly, gosh gosh gosh. 2nd verse ———- There’s people who still wear flat hats good […]


Apr 19 2012

Dan The Pig

A lover of grandfather clocks. This is the tale of a pig named Dan, who drives around in a little white van. Now and then,he has dinner with his gran and the love of his life is a multi talented and hauntingly beautiful one legged chicken named Annabelle. One day Dan and Annabelle decided to […]