Jun 12 2019

Roundabout Part 4 by Corin Trivass

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Jun 10 2019

Roundabout Part 3 by Corin Trivass

I treated myself to a new shirt too, from one of my many Christmas gifts
I had stockpiled over the years , simply because  I wanted to wear the life out
of the old ones and see disappointed faces when I condescended to accept
invitations for dinner and arrived looking like a hippie convention.
“ From uncle Herbie and Aunty Flo wishing you all the best for Christmas 1961 “
Suitably clad I sauntered downstairs  savouring  the smell of coffee and
toast I was about to make.  Breakfast was delicious and only once did I have
to stop myself from digging the knife viciously into the butter.
On the way out, I reached automatically for my brolly, but halted the action
telling myself firmly that it was a beautiful day and that
I  wouldn’t need it. The  rain had been falling at a steady pace
but, but as soon as I opened the door, it increased its force, every drop seemingly aimed at me

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Jun 06 2019

Roundabout Part 2 by Corin Trivass

I stood for a awhile conducting, but  looking at my alarm clock,
which had developed a nervous tick due to constantly being hurled
across the room for daring  to intrude upon my slumber, I saw that I was late
and shivered my way to the bathroom for my daily ritual  of shower
and shave. Shaving is a necessary evil and I loathed it, but this day
I forced myself to enjoy it, finding much to my delight that the razor
skimmed over my scarred face  without leaving so much as a
pinprick of blood.
I returned to the bedroom, not forgetting  to sneer contemptuously
at the box of plasters which I hadn’t had to use, and proceeded to put
on my old trousers but then remembering my new mood,  decided to
wear my best ones instead.

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Jun 04 2019

Roundabout Part 1

Arising from my bed, I gingerly  pulled back the curtains and smiled at the new day. After all every body
was fed up with me, why couldn’t I smile for once? ” Be cheerful”,they said “It won’t kill you ” so today
was the turning point, I was  determined to be happy..
A cold bleak sky looked back at me  and returned my smile by spitting in my face but I took no notice
and said ” Good Morning ” To the  birds who were singing quietly trying hard not to disturb me. They  stopped
their singing in surprise,looking  about to see who had spoken, and when they saw my face through
the glass, they cowered and fled,  but on  realising that I was not going to get,they my gun,they  broke
into joyful song,hesitating at  first and then with greater confidence.

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May 31 2019

Ernia Xtopose Final Part

Ernia who was by now, completely  overcome with anger and thoughts of revenge.lept up and
down on his little bed laughing  helplessly with glee and occasionanly mumbling to himself
” Ho ho, I taught that little  alarm clock a lesson ” as he continued  to jump about.
However what  what he did not know  was that the little mattress in his little bed was a close
friend of the little alarm clock and  so enraged was he that he curled up all his little springs
and let them go at the precise  moment that Ernia was landing from one of his numerous jumps.
Well Ermia was catapulted off at  the speed of light and the last the little house saw of him
was a litte dot of little arms and  little  legs flailing at the air a little helplessly

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May 28 2019

Ernia Xtopose Part 1

Once upon a Time, there was a  little man whose name was Ernia  Xtapose.
He lived in a little house with  little rooms and little gardens back and front
Now it was Ernias  habit to get up  every morning at 7 0 ‘clock and go about
his daily business but one morning  his little alarm clock forgot to ring and little
Ernia, much to his horror, awoke a little late.
Ernia was furious with his little  alarm clock and danced about in untold rage
for precisely fiive minutes.  Then,without thinking he grabbed his little alarm
Clock and hurled it out of his  little bedroom window into the garden below

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May 24 2019

Down the Motorway(Part 1)

Cruising down the motorway (any  motorway) watching frail ,graceful  bridges,
decorated occasionally with  faces(any faces),loom from out of nowhere
to soar up and away overhead and  vanish rapidly from sight (there will be more)
On both sides, various, sparkling  cars of reds, blues, yellows, whites (any colour)
rush by resplendent in shiny chrome  glittering in a meage sunlight
each one as it nears turns into a  blurred streak of translucent pigment
spread with  knife onto a green  canvass of rolling hills(which glow
on the surface)

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May 22 2019

A Brother’s Farewell(Final Part)

My Brother held my son in his arms  and ten minutes later we were at the station
Putting brave faces forward, we  said lumpy, fond farewells.
A last hug and kiss for my son and  unbelievably my brother was melting into the distance.
Oh God I would miss  him.
Back at my mother’s, we had each  for support and my pescence helped her bare the
pain of loss.
Whoever said ” Parting is such  sweet sorrow “
could never have felt  they way we  did.

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May 21 2019

An Hotel in Winter(A Brave Old Man)Final Part)

I was still sitting, contemplating  when I heard voices in the corridor outside.
It was the old Man and the land  lady having what they thought to be a quiet little chat
but having to shout all the  same
” How are you enjoying your company  Mr. Groves, must make a change for you “?
” Aye, but I can’t say that I like  it much. It wasn’t so bad when he was doing his writing and  watching
the television, but now he’s  started talking to me and I don’t like talking to strangers.
I suppose he must be a bit lonely.  “
I smiled, I couldn’t  help  smiling,
Such a Brave old Man

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May 17 2019

An Hotel in Winter (A Brave Old Man) Part 3

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