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May 08 2019

Brother’s Farewell Part 2 by Corin Trivass

Who better to talk to than oneself  on this the saddest of days ? I trudged onwards to my destination  hardly aware of cars or dogs or the now clanging church bells , intent only on my  sorrow ,for today I  was to say  goodbye to my brother For two years. Oh God I would […]

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Jul 02 2017

Words on Words by Alec Trivass

my eyes are aching and i’m so tired and yet i’m still trying to write poetry. trying,with a choice few words, to convey a whole world of meaning. not merely to turn an empty carton of chocolates…… into flowery nothing. does poetry arrive at my pen’s nib, spontaneously, or is it worked on, and thought out, in order […]

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