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Oct 26 2003

The ritual

(the weekly winding of grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) He sits there each morning, and studies his feet, nails a bit long, but they’re really quite sweet. And he just can’t refrain from wriggling his toes, it’s a wonderful feeling to be without clothes. And he’s more than proud of his legful of hairs, he knows plenty of […]

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Sep 21 2003

One heartbeat

(the beating sound of grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Computer or video, what is taking over? The escalator’s moving down, there they all go, can’t afford to be slow. The writing is on the wall, telling me what I must do. Teacher, please may I leave this Earth? May I ring the bell? May I have the key? […]

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Aug 27 2003

Go smiling

(as you visit your grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) One bright and sunny morning,two people,Jack and Jill, decided to go for a walk over Beanstalk Hill. But as they reached the top,they fell down ,bumpaty bumpty, came crashing hard into a wall,and squashed poor Humpty Dumpty. As Humpty lay there moaning,trying his best to talk, from somewhere in […]

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Jul 19 2003

Septilamus Claudicum

(a latin lover of grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) Septilamus Claudicum, a polite, well mannered chap, greeted everybody by the raising of his Cap. He hadn’t any sisters, nor had he a brother, And he spent most of his spare time with, his Claudicumus mother. A very clever fellow, well versed in Latin and Greek, he had no […]

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Jun 23 2003

The politicians said

(we love grandfather clocks) You went into the Army boy, pre – ordained and planned, And soon they sent you on your way, to a far and distant land, They said you had to be there, to fight the enemy, You didn’t know just who he was, or what his thoughts might be. But you […]

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May 17 2003

Name games

(just call them all grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks) I have a problem with the name of Shone, One not too common, thus, hardly well known. So I say to people, “Just call me John”, But Shaw, Sherwin and Shore, is how it goes on. So as I get older and sixty I nudge, I’m changing my name […]

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Apr 02 2003

Baby blues

(the baby has no grandfather/longcase/tallcase clocks!) I waited for you my love, after school, at the bottom of the field, behind the Scout Hut, but you did not come. And I was in a loving mood, but still you did not come. So I whistled your favourite tune and called out your name “JENNY, JENNY, […]

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