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Jan 12 2011

Don’t ask me to remember

The Words and music to this song were writen by my friend Vicky Lee in 1968. Verse —– Don’t ask me to remember all the things I can’t forget. The stars that shone so brightly on the night that we first met It hurts me to recall the day, you said that we were through […]

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Aug 13 2010


(About GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) As I walked on a sea of grass, I met a passing cloud, We blew smoke though a looking glass, whispers shouting loud I climbed up cardboard flowers, which loomed so high above. I swam in nature’s showers, met a snowdrop and fell in love. We made love in a tea-towel bed […]


Apr 06 2010

Every one a loser

(kept their antique grandfather clocks) Slowly turning, delicately poised, rumbling softly before the crucial moment. Now pull the lever hard. One crisp action, deftly executed is all that is needed. Press the button firmly and wait for the red light. Whirring, ticking, prevails over the loud silence as precision instruments slot gogs into position. The […]

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Mar 02 2010

Wondering (about grandfather clocks)

Walking in fields I had known as a child, the wavering corn growing graceful and wild. Thinking of friends, of childrens games the joyful feeling of childhood names. The old battered barn where we played in the loft, Jennifer Andrews so cuddly and soft. Cowboys, commandos, kiss and then run, all of the gang dashing […]

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Feb 24 2010

Coconut capers

(AND GRANDFATHER CLOCKS) How Songs Originate. Some time ago, Bob, the manager of the local Lunatic Asylum phoned Alex Ferguson and asked if he might bring eight inmates to visit the Old Trafford Football Ground? Graciously, Alex agreed to Bob’s request and a couple of hours later, he arrived at the ground with his eight […]

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Jan 12 2010

Forgive me, for I am from the North

(GRANDFATHER CLOCKS ARE US) “OUR HOUSE,OUR HOUSE, OUR HOUSE, OUR HOUSE.” I cried and cried and cried “OUR HOUSE,OUR HOUSE, OUR HOUSE, OUR HOUSE” I would not be denied. And so I phoned the southern lass, I hoped to make my bride “WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME ROUND TO HOUR ‘OUSE ?” The knot was […]

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Dec 21 2009

Ta-ra Joey Smith

(left his grandfather clocks behind) There was a lovely budgie, we all called him Joey, One day in the middle of winter, he went out in the snowey. He only travelled 50 yards then fell down frozen stiff, and thank goodness,for this poem, his name was Joey Smith. People came from miles around for they […]

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Nov 11 2009

The need to know

(everything about grandfather clocks) I’ve only just begun, you see and I need to know everything. I have to keep moving, I do not want to step out of the shadows and find that the world has left me behind.I want to be useful, I want the shadows to step out of me,I want people […]

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Oct 21 2009

The Anglo American bridge

(she loved grandfather clocks) How many days did the waters of the Thames flow under London Bridge? How many times did they bid each other good morning and smile together in the evenings as they watched lovers stroll slowly by? London Bridge, held in awe, yet loved by us all as children. Was she not […]

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Sep 29 2009

A chemical kid

(I love my grandfather clocks) WIDNES, the town in which I was born and where I have spent most of my life, is a town known for its chemical industries. What follows are my childhood recollections of growing up in it. “Knocking at doors and running away Scrumping for apples by night and by day […]

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