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Mar 20 2018

School Days( Devotees of Grandfather clocks)

The headmaster is king of all, that’s what I leaned at school Never by late for assembly,that’s what I learned at school Love thy teacher as thyself,that’s what I learned at school, Sciving class means thee detentions, that’s what I learned at school Fervet Opus every day, that’s what I learned at school Hand you […]

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Jul 07 2016


Beyond  the following fragmentary note, I have found nothing respecting this local clockmaker. His name does not appear in the Register of Frodsham  Parish, in the Freemen Rolls of Chester, and in the printed  indexes of Wills proved at Chester. The surname is quite a common one in the county. In is probable that the […]


May 06 2012

Grandfather Clocks Old Or New ?

I have received several enquiries lately asking my advice as to whether it is better to buy an antique grandfather clock or a new grandfather clock. I have to say that I am not familiar with the staying power of a new grandfather clock and  what it may or may not be worth sometime in […]